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    Titles Won't Render


      Hello. I put a title at the end of a video, with a link and some basic information. It's just a black title with white text. There is also an over-lay title right before this last title. The over-lay shows just fine, but when the big full-screen title comes, it pauses on the last frame of the video before the title.

      This is only when it renders.


      We're using Adobe Premiere Elements 4.0, on an HP Laptop. T5300 C2D @ 1.73, 2GB Ram, Windows Vista 32-bit O/S. I'm using VLC Player to view the clips after rendering.


      I've tried re-making the title, resizing the title, playing with the work area bar. I even put the file at the beginning of the timeline.

      Still, nothing is working.