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    Creating a lingo audio level meter?

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      I’ve got a corporate project that will be using a Rock and Roll theme as a backdrop. It’s not functionally important to the project but I thought for eye candy it would be cool if the audio meter designed into the background functioned and actually responded to the short bits of music used throughout. The meter is similar to the type you see in every audio player, 7 or 8 frequency bands with stacked blocks indicating amplitude. So, lingo would have to read the audio file as data rather than audio and break the data down into frequency bands with an amplitude value for each (Fourier Analysis?), the graphic display part is easy. Another option would be to find a sound program that could output a text file with the sampling data I need, it wouldn’t sync up with the audio perfectly but probably close enough. Does anyone have an example of this? I could just fake it, and that’s what I’ll probably do, but having it respond properly to the audio track would be a nice touch.