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    How do I quickly apply a style which is inside a style group?

    Frame25Matt Level 1

      I am trying to very simply apply a style to a table cell. Imagine myRow has been set to be the table row I'm working with, and My Fancy Style is the cell style which I've created in my InDesign document.


      myRow.cells.item(0).appliedCellStyle = 'My Fancy Style';


      will apparently apply this style quickly, and no fuss. But now, if I have through the InDesign user interface created a style group called Fancy Styles and put My Fancy Cell Style inside it, then I know of no way to call it directly as a text string. Can it be done, in some way like:


      myRow.cells.item(0).appliedCellStyle = 'Fancy Styles/My Fancy Cell Style';


      which of course I know doesn't work. I'm asking if there is a way like it to do what I'm hoping to. Thank you!