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    JVC GY-HM700U & CS4 & Blackmagic Decklink HD Extreme: The Perfect Storm?


      My company recently purchased a JVC GY-HM700U camera.  I figured an upgrade from CS3 to CS4 would enable me to edit the 1080i footage.  We use Blackmagic Decklink HD Extreme cards.


      I'm running two systems; the older one will no doubt require a faster processor with more RAM if I want to be able to edit HD footage.  It is an HP xw8200 with 2.80GHz and 3.50GB of RAM running XP Professional Version 2002 Service Pack 3.


      The newer system is an HP xv8600 with 3.0GHz with 3.0GB of RAM; same OS.  As I read the specifications, that seems like it should be enough.


      On a recent project, they shot .mp4 clips at 1080i, 59.94fps.


      I'm experiencing a LOT of dropped frames editing on the newer system, which really slows down the editing process.  (Actually, I'm understating this-- a lot.  IT DOESN'T WORK!  I'm fearing for my job!  The deadline isn't moving!   ACK!)


      Did I miss the boat by not running 64-bit Vista / Windows 7?  What can I do to at least edit this project on the one system?