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    Flex 3 or Flex 4 Training?

    Guestva Level 1

      Is the Flex 4 training supposed to be taken after the Flex 3 training?  I realize they are different versions of the same software, but in reading over the content for the Flex 3 and Flex 4 training courses, I saw that there was a lot of difference between the two.  So I was unsure whether the 2 versions were that different, or whether one training was supposed to complement the other (ie, changes in Flex 4).


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          Gregory Lafrance Level 6

          Flex 4 brings some important changes to some areas of Flex, particularly states, skinning, and layout.


          I think to a certain extent it depends on where you are in your Flex study and how you will be using it.


          If you will be developing apps for clients as a consultant, I would focus on Flex 3 first. Flex 4 is not even out yet, and there are far fewer resources out there if you have questions and problems. When Flex 4 is released next spring you can ramp up.


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          Greg Lafrance

          Flex Development and Support Services

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            Guestva Level 1

            Hi Greg,

            Thanks for answering.

            In answer to your question, I am nowhere in my Flex study yet.  I have no knowledge of it.  I am a developer at my company, and my manager is looking for people with some Flex knowledge.  That´s all he said, and that´s probably all he knows at this point.  I imagine we´ll be using it to develop applications at some point in the next few months.  That said, I want to begin developing my knowledge of Flex by doing either the Flex 3 or Flex 4 training found on this website.  I just didn´t know whether the Flex 4 training complemented or substituted the Flex 3 training.

            Considering what I just said, can you give me a final recommendation?  I will mark the question as answered after that.

            Thank you.

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              mikokim Level 1

              Hi Guestva,


              The two training series are not designed to be taken in succession. If you are working with and interested in Flex 3, you should take Flex in a Week video training. Flex 4 beta in a Week is (as the name suggests) supposed to get you up and running with the next version of Flex, Flex 4, which currently is available in beta on Adobe Labs. Flex 4 beta in a Week will be updated and finalized for the release of Flex 4/Flash Builder 4.


              In short, the training you want to take depends on which version of Flex you are interested in working with. Flex 3 is the current official version of the software, and the one you should use for production projects. Flex 4 is still in beta, which means it's not feature complete and you may encounter bugs, but it gives you a sneak preview as it were of what you can expect from the next version of Flex. Some of the changes between Flex 3 and Flex 4 have to do with data connectivity and skinning.


              As a newbie to Flex, and if your boss wants you to start working on an app soon, you may want to start with Flex 3 (as Greg suggests). However, if your tolerance level for working with beta software is good and the app your boss wants you to work on is not due within the next few months, you may as well start with the beta version. The differences in the training curriculum you noticed have to do with changes (improvements) on how you do things in/with Flex 4 as opposed to Flex 3.


              Michael Koch

              Adobe Developer Connection

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                Guestva Level 1

                The recommendations make sense.  Thanks