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    right align page numbers that are to the left of TOC entries

    jay fresno Level 2

      I posted a similar question about a year ago that I believe Harbs or Peter answered, but darned if I can find the thread. At that time they provided a script that did a GREP search, finding a sentence that starts with a digit and replacing it with a tab. I still have the script, but for some reason it is not working correctly with my new TOC layout.It should insert a tab to the left of the page number (page numbers are to the left of the TOC entries), and force the numbers to right align so that a single digit page number right aligns with the right edge of a double-digit page number.


      Find: ^(\d+)
      Change to: \t$1


      What happens in the new TOC is the script finds a digit and inserts a tab to the left of the page number. The page numbers move to the right, but they don't right align. They are further to the right, but they numbers themselves are still left aligned.


      I'm mystified as to why the script doesn't work on this new layout. I'm using CS4 now, and it still works on the old layout. There is nothing terribly different about the new layout except that the column is much narrower, and there are several threaded colums in the TOC instead of one long column, and the chapter titles don't have page numbers (but all other entries do have page numbers.)