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    Error message trying to download reader 9


      I was constantly getting kicked off the net using Reader Ver.8 so decide to download ver. 9 Now when I try to install it I get an error message that says I need Win2000 service pack 4 or better. I am using Win XP Pro and have never had 2000 loaded on my computer. I tried to re-install 8 and get the same message now. I have uninstalled the previous versions but still get the same message.

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          i am trying to install the adobe reader 9 it install but i am still having trouble to get through where i want to go please let me know what to do

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            ~graffiti Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            We'll probably need a lot more info from both of you to be able to help.


            For starters (original poster), I'm not sure what you mean by getting "kicked off the net". Reader has nothing to do with the internet short of being used as a plug-in to view PDF files within your browser.


            Also, what choice of OS did you make when you downloaded Reader (sounds like you got the wrong one?)


            What are you doing when things go wrong and exactly what is happening?


            For the second poster, I doubt your problem is related to the original post. You'll want to start your own thread and give WAY more detail. As it stands, I can't tell what you are talking about.

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              BABFON Level 1

              I was referring to that dreaded box that pops up and says something to the effect of having encountered a problem and has to shut down whatever page you are viewing and you have the option to send the error message to Microsoft. I have tried to download the reader using both Opera and internet explorer. I am using Windows XP Pro 2002 service pack 3 Intel Pentium 4 CPU 3.00 GHZ 2.99 GHZ 512 MB Ram/ I have never had problems with any previous downloads of reader and really don't understand why it is telling me I need to update a service pack for Windows 2000? I understand enough about computers to be dangerous and will ultimitely probably mess up a direction that will make me take it into the shop. I just hoped that there was a possible easy fix?

              Thanks for your time.

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                ~graffiti Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                You say you get that message while you are "using" Reader 9. Does that mean you get it when you open Reader, when you try and view a PDF file on the web or when you try to download Reader from the Adobe site? I can't tell after reading your second reply.


                I need to know "exactly" what you are doing at the time you get this message.


                If you are attempting to download the Reader program from the Adobe website when you get it, I may have an easy fix. If not, it may not be so easy but I/we really need details.

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                  BABFON Level 1


                  apologize for not being clearer. I was receiving said error message on various sites not just opening PDF files. It did seem to be happening more regular on sites when I was using Adobe reader 8. I decided to uninstall the reader 8 and upgrade to the 9 version to see if that would make a difference. I can download the new reader but when I go to install it that is when it tells me I need a new service pack for windows 2000. I uninstalled the 9 to go back to the 8 that had previously worked quite well since I upgraded from 7 and I get the same message after downloading it that I have to upgrade win2000 even though I am using Win XP Pro. I can download but not install either reader at this time.