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    Rendering Failed at 0;02;23;19. Why?

    DC B. 09 Level 1

      Hi everyone:



      I'm working with AE CS4.


      I have a very high rez footage in MTS format that I'm trying to convert to a lower format that my system can handle. I loaded it all up into a smaller size comp (size 720x400, 1.00 pixel ratio, 29.97 fps), clicked Resize to Comp on all layers and then sent to render queue. The rendering estimate said 2hr 31 Min, so I didn't sit there and watched it so I don't know what actually happens. Then after an hour or so I check my laptop and the rendering already stopped. The rendered file is too short and the line in the AE Render Queue pane says, "Failed at 0;02;23;19". The total length of the comp is 13 min.


      What can be causing this?


      My system specs are: Laptop, PC, Intel 2 Duo CPU x64bit @ 2.40GHz, Vista Home Premium, 4Gig RAM, 125GB Free on internal HDD, I'm using partition on disc E: as a scratch disc.

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          What can be causing this?


          The source footage stream is damaged/ badly formatted at this point, resulting in failure to reconstruct the current frame. This must not necessarily be visible when the footage plays, but would result in such issues. That aside, AE is generally not particularly good at dealing with most compressed formats. You should consider running the conversion thrpough anotehr tool. Perhaps Adobe Media Encoder will work without issues, but also consider free transcode tools like ffmpeg, MPEGStreamclip, SUPER© and other commercial alternatives.



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            Thanks. Although it sucks.

            I'm trying to do lossless conversion to a smaller screen size.