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    Panasonic FZ35 .rw2 to .dng no good


      I have a Panasonic DMC-Fz35 (US version) purchased two weeks ago (late Nov 2009). I can convert .rw2 files to .jpg using the s/w that came with the camera, Silkypix, and it works OK.  I tried using DNG converter 5.5 and it process the .rw2 files with no complaint, but outputs only 6MB .dng files. The original .rw2 files were about 13MB. When I look at the .dng files I just get a white box. I have used a number of different DNG viewers, all with the same result. I have tried DNG formats between 1.1 (mosaiced) up to 5.4.   My system is Windows XP/SP3, + updates to Feb 2009, running on Intel i5-750 Nehalem.

      DNG converter, PSE, gimp, etc, dont give any error messages.