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    Batch command to resize image to canvas centered.

    binovpd Level 1

      Hi all,


      I'm not quite the Fireworks guru so bear with me. I use fireworks for a lot of batch image optimization stuff I do for our company website. I use simple batch commands to run on a directory of files. Batch export, batch resize etc.


      I need to do something little more sophisticated with batch command processing and Im not quite sure how to do it, ot if there is an existing jsf file or extension I can grab to do this (in batch).


      I have a bunch of images that slightly vary in width and height. I need to resize them to fit a specific canvas background and center them on that canvas. So for example, when I run the batch, it creates a transparent or white canvas that is 400px x 400px, and then takes the image and centers it in the canvas. Basically resizing the image to fit in the center of the canvas. Any help or links would be appreciated. I tried recordign an action of doing this in the history panel but I could never get it to work.