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    Recapturing clips in CS4

    roaming video Level 1

      I lost my project after my hard drive went RAW.

      I was able to recover the timeline and the project settings, but not the video; so I'm now recapturing my clips (quite a few hundreds).


      All the clips in the project panel are, of course, offline.

      When I recapture an offline clip using batch capture, I was expecting the clip to link to the new video and become online.

      Instead, I get two instances of the same clip.  The offline clip remains offline, and there is a new instance of the clip (online) with the same name.


      The timeline seems to still remain linked to the offline clip.  By opening the new clip in the source panel and right clicking in the timeline, I can replace the placeholder with the clip in the source panel. But it seems like there should be a simpler way.

      Is there any way to recapture and have only the original clip in the project panel become online?



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          Andrey V Level 2

          Well I would suggest to capture clips using separate project. But clips has to have the same name as the original lost clips. So that when you open the original project it should ask you to find and link clips, and selecting the first one, premiere will find rest of them in the folder.  But if it did not asked that, it means you have selected to ignore them and saved the project, in this case you will have to link them manually each clip one at the time.

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            roaming video Level 1

            OK, it's starting to make sense.  When I open the project, it's asking me "where are the clips".  But as the clips aren't there yet (until I recapture them), I click on "skip all".

            So should I open a copy of the project, recapture in that project using the same scratch disks as the original project, and then go back to the original project?

            Would that solve the problem?