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    Linkage between Bridge and AE


      When I choose 'browse presets' in AE CS4, nothing happens - ie Bridge does not open no matter how long i wait.  I can seperately launch Bridge, but of course that does not enable me to "double click apply" effects/presets in my composition.

      Many thanks in advance

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Are there any other Adobe products on the system? If so, in which order were they installed? Ran any Adobe updates lately that might not have gone through correctly?



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            mga56grg1 Level 1

            That's a good question, but my memory of my install sequence is a bit vague since it was a year ago.  I don't think I've done any of the updates.  I installed CS4 about a year ago when i came out, but this is my first time using AE.


            i didn't think it relevant, but i get the following when i open AE.


            After Effects error: opening resource file "Cemera Raw.8bi" - out of memory. (-108). ( 3 :: 54)

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              Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

              Mmh, Adobe Camera RAW is a component shared between Bridge, Photoshop and other programs. Since the initial release of CS4 it has been updated several times, so indeed an update to one of the programs may have affected Bridge and AE in a wierd way. I'm afraid I can't offer any advise beyond that, as most likely you would have to re-install everything, anyway, to make this work again. As a minor glimpse of hope it may be worthwile to check Bridge's file associations in its prefs as well as check the status of Camera RAW by accessing its options. Maybe it just needs to be reset in some way to produce correct configuration data and not crash.