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    Unpredictable exporting to tape???

    ICU RN

      Hello all, yes I am new to forum, but not new to editing. We are using CS4 Premiere Pro and are editing tv shows for our church. On some shows when we export to tape nothing happens. No timecode numbers counting, or  it fakes you into thinking you are recording to only have a blank tape when it is over. Here are our specs:

      Gateway Intel Duo Core laptop with 320gb hard drive, 4GB of RAM.

      Sony DSR11 DV Cam deck that is at least 8 years old.

      All footage is rendered,but with no results. We even tried to add footage onto a tape and when we started to export Premiere Pro crashed,cut off or whatever its doing. We are so frustrated. Even tried to export on another laptop a HP with 6GB of RAM and 320 GB hard drive still same story. Either it is Sony DV deck or Premiere Pro.

      Please any info would help.....