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    How do I change the name of the output .htm file?


      Hi, I'm using RH8 and  I'm working on some inherited robohelp that was initially imported from Framemaker.


      We have since abandoned FM altogether and just do the documentation from the Robohelp files. For the longest time, our company just had one software product that I edited.


      Now, we have created a separate module that needed documentation so I simply copied the told robohelp files and made revisions.


      It all worked great except for one thing that I can't figure out.


      When I generate output the name of the output that shows in the address bar is ORIGHELPDOC.htm


      I want it to be NEWMODULEHELP.htm


      but I can't figure out how to rename that. I was able to rename the help to the new one in the properties but that one file doesn't seem to pop up anywhere. I think we came up with the original name when we imported from framemaker.


      Thanks in advance. Let me know if I need to provide more info.