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    Problems with sorting a table with drop-down text cells


      I have 2 topics (amongst a number of topics) and each topic has a table.


      I have followed Mr Grainge's help on sorting a table without an arrow and in topic 1 it is working as expected. When I generate my WebHelp I can click on any of my columns and the data will sort. I can see the little black up-arrow head and the black down-arrow head.


      I know absolutely nothing about html and have basically followed the help instructions and got it to work.


      The second table is a little different in that has 3 columns and about 375 rows. The second column contains cells with drop-down text (but not all, as some have yet to be converted).


      The issues are:


      1)  A column will sort only once. So if I click on column 1, the black up-arrow head will appear. Thereafter, no amount of clicking will alter the state of the data. I can sort the data on any of the remaining 2 columns, but I can never toggle between ascending and descending sequence on the same column.


      2) In Design mode I can see all the data in each cell. After I have generated my WebHelp, some of the cells which contain drop-down text fields are missing. Some are there and some are not. The ones that are there, work perfectly when I click on the text and the drop-down text appears. Each drop-down text field has a bookmark.


      3) Continuing on from 2) above, If I use the ctrl-w key combination in Design mode, some of the cells which contain drop-down text are missing (probably all the ones that are missing in the Webhelp) and strangely, some of the cells borders (I used light blue) are missing. However, they are there in the WebHelp. Attached is a sample.


      Getting my second table to work as I had hoped would be fantastic and worth effort so far. However, I am not quite there yet and need your help and/or suggestions.