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    Flex Application Framework — PureMVC Portability vs. Swiz?


      Hi all,


      My company is building a Flex application that we may need to port to other platforms:

      • Silverlight (likely)
      • Mobile (maybe -- iPhone: Objective-C , Android: Java, etc.)
      • Desktop (maybe -- AIR, .NET, etc.)
      • TV sets (maybe eventually)


      Currently, I’m looking into application frameworks to build upon and I’m torn between pureMVC and Swiz.


      I LOVE swiz for its simplicity and how it just gives you a way to hook things up and then apply your own patterns. From a flex-only perspective, this is my 1st choice.


      But, PureMVC is platform-independent and has already been ported over to most of the platforms that are mentioned above. How valuable is this portability? Will it really make our lives significantly easier when it comes to porting and developing/maintaining multiple applications? If so, then it seems like PureMVC is the way to go.  Does anyone have an example of a PureMVC Flex application being ported to other platforms?


      Alternatively, since Silverlight has the most definite business case for porting of our application, maybe we could port Swiz to Silverlight? I'm not too familiar with which AS3 language and Flex framework features Swiz depends on and whether they are available in C#/Silvelright. Would this actually be possible?


      Thanks so much!