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    AIR app crashes in Mac


      My AIR app often crashes unexpectedly on Mac. I read from the AIR 1.5.3 release note that:


      AIR applications crash on Mac when older resource files are present in Flex Builder 3

      Currently there is an issue that may cause your AIR application to crash on the Mac if you do not remove three older resource files that are still included in Flex Builder. To remove these files:

          1. In the Mac Finder, locate your "Adobe Flex Builder 3" applications folder and navigate to "/sdks/3.2.0/runtimes/air/mac/Adobe AIR.framework/Versions/1.0/Resources".
          2. Remove the following files: MainMenu.nib, AuthDialog.nib, and FlashPromptDialog.nib.


      But my app is developed under Windows. Is there any other causes of such crashes?