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    Adding Audio from a Premiere Layer into AE for music video

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      Hello All,  My situation is this.


      I'm doing a Dance remix Music video.  The original song was a ballad. The footage used for the Dance Mix consists of both the ballad clips sped up (ballad music was at 61 beats per minute) and footage shot to the dance track (127 BPM) all of which is Green screen. 


      The way that I approached it was to put the .wav song on one track in Pre Pro and then I synced up the rough mix edit clips to the main music track, time stretching the Ballad clips, making the mouth movements match and body movements move in rhythm.  After I got all my rough edits done I discarded their audio tracks as I thought that I would not need them further, and it was too many tracks to look at (Pre Pre could use a Shy switch).  So I ended up with one Audio track and 12 Video tracks, each track containing one pass of the filming.


      Then I selected each rough edited clip and used "Replace with an AE composition".  In AE I then did my green screen keying.  One Scene I created was a composited club scene in AE where the artist is on a stage and there are flashing lights behind her using several instances of CC Light Sweep on a Solid Layer.  When I Dymically Linked back to Premiere the light sweeps were not in rhythm with the music as I had no audio to listen to in AE.


      Its a lot of render time tweaking in AE and then going to Pr Pro and having to wait for more rendering to see the results.


      My Question is how would I go about  putting the audio track into the AE Linked comp.  The song is over 5 minutes and most of the clips are a few frames to a couple of seconds long.


      I think my approach was wrong in the first place and that I should have made an AE project the length of the song and done all my editing and compositing in that one Comp instead of putting things in Pr Pro first, which now makes sense, since I don't see any benefit of being in Pre Pro at this time.  And I don't see any way of including part of the audio track when making the AE Linked comp.



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          I don't really get the problem, I must admit. If the final audio exists and the clips have been mangled correctly in Premiere, the timing should match in any case. Why would you even need the clip's source audio? The way to work in AE is to simply create an audio preview and place markers on important cues by hitting the multiply key on the numpad while the sound plays... Everything else shouldn't matter.



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