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    How do I uninstall Reader 9.1.3 and Update 9.1.3-CPSID_49522 and reinstall Reader 8.1.3?


      I know this sounds backwards but I have been encountering many computer problems when I realized that Adobe Reader updates 9.1.2 and 9.1.3 plus Reader 9.1.3-CPSID_49522 were installed on my computer but the system requirements for these programs are above my computer's capability. i.e. I only have a Pentium III processor with 863MHz, 512Mg of RAM. I've already used the Add/Remove program to uninstall 9.1.2, but after reading many of the installation problems here I am afraid to proceed any further without advice since the update 9.1.3-CPSID_49522 says that it cannot be uninstalled. Can anyone tell me how to safely uninstall these so that I can reinstall Reader 8.1.3?