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    where to get details on exceptions?




      I am developing a solution using livecycle, using pdf generator for converting MSOffice documents etc. to pdf.

      This is replacing an older solution which did this directly using MSWord automation and Distiller.


      I have a number of test documents, one of which is failing in Livecycle ES2 Pdf Generator with the error message :-


      Error Code:80000
      Error Message: ALC-PDG-080-000-Conversion of the input file failed because of an exception.


      Can someone point me to where i might be able to find the list of exceptions please?


      Obviously i would like to find a fix to this issue, as this is a major regression from my home-brew system, which converts this document without problems.

      Also, this document worked fine in the previous ES 8.2 edition.


      Does anyone have any advice as to how to debug such issues?