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    Adding a barcode to product text based on a productnumber

    Lukas Engqvist Level 1

      I have looked at teacup pluggin patternmaker and it is definately the easiest way to quality control and if necessary update files.
      What I miss is the ability, though I would guess it is scriptable to search and replace a series of serial numbers with a specified character style, or with a GREP search, with barcodes (In my case Interleaved 2 of 5 with no Check digit)

      (A barcode font would work as well if it can append the barcode on a new line at end of paragraph)


      "1x100 3:99/each 299:00/box
        999999 product information




      " 1x100 3:99/each 299:00/box
         999999 product information

         "barcode representing 999999" "


      I imagine that the barcode would be an anchored object, anchored at the number (in my example 999999 ).


      So i would need to figure out a script to copy six digit numbers after a line break,
      replace them with an anchored frame and itself
      that anchored frame would then need to be filled with a barcode of the copied number with a certain preset.


      I don't think I am asking the impossible. But I don't really know where to start. My job is as print service provider and so I am open to outsourcing the develoment of such a script if ther is not a solution for it already.

      Sorry for being so overt, please feel free to comtact me off forum for a suggestion