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    Missing Options


      I recently installed Win7 on my system and reinstalled Flex Builder 3.  Ever since I am missing options under Preferences.  Some of them show up just fine, some show half of the options, while others just show a blank screen. I found this post that explains the problem and a work around which is workable for my preferences, but when I try to add a new project or check one out from our SVN then the wizard just shows up blank and I can't specify the type of project to check it out as and the previous workaround doesn't apply.


      Appreciate any feedback.


      Here are some screen shots:


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          ahess24 Level 1

          Ok, I found the problem.  It is with SetPoint software from Logitech.  I had it installed and working fine under Windows Vista 32 bit, but when I installed Win7 64 bit and reloaded all my programs that's when the problem started.  I found that if I uninstall the SetPoint software then the problem is resolved, but as soon as I reinstall it the problem is back.  Not sure sure why this would happen and it would be nice to find out, but there's the fix.