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    RH8 HTML crashes when trying to re-import/hyperlink files


      RH 8 html crashes/freezes when trying to re-import files that have "mysteriously or magically" disappeared.  So far we have tried many "tricks" that have been provided by this community to others.


      Aside from RH8 crashing when trying to import, I am also having problems when trying to insert a hyperlink.


      So far we have:

      1. renamed cpd and loading with xpj,
      2. renamed cpd and xpj and loading from hhp,
      3. uninstalled and reinstalled up to lastest patch 8.02,
      4. set the virtual memory to run as system managed
      5. deleted temp files
      6. defragged computer


      What on earth can I possibly do next?!  I am at a standstill with my projects and would appreciate a prompt response.


      Thank you!