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    RH8 + WinXP + Patches 01, 02 - RH8 locks up when trying to add a missing topic


      I think this is a bug report rather than a "cry for help" for Mssrs. Grainge and friends.


      RH8 + WinXP + Patches 01, 02 - WebHelp for a web-based application - about 300 topics (htm files) - Project started in RH 6, output done once with RH7 and now we are using RH8.  Thanks for all answers to my previous entries here.  Now, I am tackling the broken links list.  When I select a topic from the broken links list and right-click, I get a context menu with several choices including "Restore".  When I select Restore, I get a dialog box with the choices: "Try to find" or "Create new".  If I select "Try to find" and click OK, RH8 instantly locks up.  It freezes on the screen and you can't close it, minimize it, or move it.  I have to start Microsoft Program Manager and then RH8 shows as "Still Running" but I end it.  It does go away instantly and I can restart it.  Any ideas to prevent this would be welcome.