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    Adds a page when I insert a new/replacement field


      Actually, this form has been working, now it doesn't. I changed it from static to dynamic, but I don't know  if that is the issue.  I have full adobe, but the users of the form will have reader only.  In reader, there are a lot of problems with the form that work well in live cycle preview and in full adobe. what is the glitch?


      1. Had to change a required field to optional because when one went to email it (within reader), it did not recognize that the field was populated. It kept giving a warning that the field was required to be sent. It highlighted the date field.

      2. So I went back to live cycle to change the field to optional. Saved form. Back to reader and it still identified it as a required field.

      3. So I went back to live cycle, thinking that I might just delete the field and insert a new date/time field. Guess what, everytime I delete or insert a field, a whole blank page inserts itself before the form. This causes the form to go to 2 pages with the first page blank.

      I don't understand why the program automatically inserts a page especially when there is enough space to insert two more fields, much less delete one and replace it with the same size field.

      Can anyone explain why the form inserts a page just for replacing the field?

      In turn, why does the field keep saying it is required when i have already change the field to optional?  if I can figure that one out, I would not need to replace the field.


      the second problem that has just started is that the numerical field for HRN number (7 squares) keeps showing up like an odometer, with a comma. This number is not a counting number but an identification number and requires no comma.  I changed it to a text field, but it still will automatically put a comma in even though I have formatted it as just 99999999.  Why does it put the comma in as the tab to next field occurs.





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