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    Cannot save new input date to form


      I have created a form (in

      which I have posted another inquiry for different issues.)  However, this issue is in regards to saving the form once the data is inputted.

      I have created the form in live cycle. it is to be used with many persons who have reader only.  When I open it in regular adobe acrobat, i have no problems saving the completed form. When i go to a computer that has reader only, I can complete the form, but it does not allow me to save as or to email it as a PDF form. I need a way to help people to save the form in some manner. Why does reader not allow one to save the form with the completed data in it?  I keep getting a message that says to save the form will not save the data.

      I had it as a static form. changed it to dynamic and then back to static. it did not seem to make a difference.

      Can anyone help me?