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    Should HD audio & video be captured seperately?


      I am attempting to capture HD (HDV?) footage from a JVC GR-HD1 camera via firewire (with the Mpeg-2 output mode selected) into PPro CS2 (Windows XP, SP2, 2.4Ghz Pentium, 2 G RAM) and I just can't get things to work.  The camera seems to seize up time after time when outputting/capturing and yet will play extended HD or SD clips without issue when viewing on the camera's flip out LCD.  Also, once I am able to get some clips into PPro the audio is often times off and the picture appears jittery.  I am hoping to utilize this camera and my aging PC in order to get up and running producing short pieces for client's websites and would really like to be able to utilize the HQ format on YouTube.  I thought that perhaps capturing the audio and video seperatey might help but before testing that tedious process I thought I'd ask the pros.  Any suggestions other than a new camera and CS4 on a 64 bit machine?