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    RH8 + WinXP + Patches 01, 02 - multiple css and other files


      Me, again. 300 topics (HTM) for WebHelp.  Project started using RH6, one output with RH7, now using RH8 (with the two patches).  Recent problems (recap):  In RH7 or RH8, the "all lower case" checkbox was checked.  I think RH8 is installed with this checkbox checked.  Anyway, all topic file names were re-written and the file names within RH-generated files were also changed to all-lower-case.  TOC and index broken.  We've got that fixed.  Now, I am seeing additional css and other files generated by RH.  What is causing this?  Our project is named "AddLayers" (name changed to protect the innocent), so we have an AddLayers.xpj, AddLayers.htm, AddLayers.hhp, etc.  There was one AddLayers.css and now I am seeing AddLayers_nc.css and AddLayers_ns_nc.css.  These files are in the output folder and are linked to specific topics by code written into the topics by RH.


      Also, I am seeing files with names like whmsg_nc.js, whproxy_nc.js, whstart_nc.js, whstub_nc.js and several more.  These are in addition to the whmsg.js, whproxy.js, etc.


      What is causing these files to be produced and what do all the wh*.* files do?  Thanks.