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    Help with Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 Automation- need to batch do something.

    aroiaka Level 1

      Hey guys, I have roughly 50 project files, and I need to "add" a piece to the end of the file, and more, for a client. I was looking around for ways to automate this, i tried using automator(I'm in mac OS X 10.5.8),  to no avail. Could anyone please advise me how I can automate the following procedure (or atleast partially automate it):


      -open project

      -import 2 movies, "movie1, movie2"

      (up to here, "automator" does well. "automator" has problems with the more advanced operations though )

      -attach "movie1" to the end of "Video 1" timeline, attach "movie 2" to the end of "movie1"

      -copy a already imported image (logo), which is at the start of timeline in "Video 3" layer, to be ontop of "movie 2" in "Video 2" layer

      -modify the effects control for this (logo), set magnification to [constant number], and Y to [constant number]

      -stretch the clip in "Video 5" to the end of this new sequence (this is the watermark)

      -pull the "end" of the project to encompass/ include the new pieces

      -save the project

      -export it, and set the file name to be the same as the project name



      Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!