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    Where do the files go?

    Ed Gerson

      The MAJOR headache I have with Photoshop CS4 is where do the files go when you close them?

      You can PAY ATTENTION when closing windows but when I've got dozen of files being

      retouched they still get sent to the last folder used. I am opening and closing tools and files

      and answering the phone.


      How can I keep open files returning to the folder from which they came without maneuvering

      thru another dialog?


      About to pull my hair out, and that is not a wise thing to do either.

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          c.pfaffenbichler Level 9

          Care to elaborate?

          Because files don’t change their location because they are closed in an application in my experience … but maybe I misunderstand Your problem.

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            Ed Gerson Level 1

            MacBook Pro

            Panther 10.5.8



            I have two external hard drives.


            On certain rare occasions a file is closed and it will go to

            a previously opened but non-related folder. Several days

            later, the file has mysteriously vanished or so I think.


            As yet, I have no answer to this pre-empting files by a

            previous folder issue.


            Most times when I close a file I carefully check its destination.

            Then one day while blindly trusting the Return key....pooooof.


            I might mention that using Spotlight does not always help.



            How do you bind a file to the folder from which it was most

            recently opened?

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              c.pfaffenbichler Level 9

              What the …?


              I think You may be wrong in the Feature Request-forum.

              You may even be wrong in the Adobe-forums altogether, because quite frankly this kind of behaviour sounds like OS-trouble to me – why would an application move files around (not that I rule out that they could)?

              But I’m curious to read if anyone else has an explanation for occurrences like that.

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                Reynolds (Mark) Level 4

                Here are your solutions Ed. Your wife or children are sneaking into your machine and michieviously deleting files. Your cat has learned how to play Tetris and has decided that  a few old photoshop files are not going to help him.


                Run Disk permissions and Cache cleans. Start from the OS disk and do any repairs from there. Spotlight in Panther was useless. Reliable as Macs are, running for years without issues - even they, once in a while, need bit of love

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                  You know Ed's problem sounds crazily familiar. I think my cat's doing the same thing... eh.