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    Any known issues with DateTimeAxis with Bar Charts?


      Not column charts. I've seen plenty of simple ones for that. I'm using a floating bar chart with custom bar rendering to give the user an option of fill color.


      Right now the issues I'm facing are:

      -min/max values aren't being properly set by the chart

      -padding doesn't stay consistent with larger date ranges

      -dateTimeAxis labels do not wrap over a year change properly if only the month/year are scaled in the axis labels. (for example, if the label units are scaled to month/year (2/10 and 12/09 as end and start dates respectively), then the labels go from 2/10 (from origin of axis) to 12/09 instead of the other way around, the proper way.


      If these are known bugs in Flex 4 Beta 2, please let me know! If you have any ideas of how I might solve these problems, please let me know!



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          Could you post a sample that illustrates your issues?




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            PanicT Level 1

            I will have to submit screenshots for now. Perhaps, if necessary, I can post a sample of something similar to what we're using for the chart.

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              PanicT Level 1

              First, I apologize this took me so long. I was pulled elsewhere for a while on the project. Second, I couldn't post a sample as the conditions of the sample would require too much work and time. This is just a small part of a very large project.


              I will lay out some cases and describe simply what you may not immediately see within the context.


              Min Max Manually Set with custom padding

              I created a custome padding ratio to give a better result since with the min and max manually set the padding wouldn't scale properly.


              Min Max left to flex with only one item in the dataprovider

              Notice the ranges... if you look above, the items min/max dates are not as small as below. Ignore the extra y-axis, this was my error when creating the reduced screenshot.


              Padding Case - Min/Max not set

              As you can see, this padding is not "2" padding. Not only that, but if you'll notice the padding on the right is much smaller than on the left.


              Year Wrap & Padding Case - Min Max manually set

              Using Math.min(), Math.max() I find the min/max and set it manually. You'll notice the padding is no longer working at this scale as it doesn't scale properly now even with min/max set properly.


              Year Wrap Case - Min/Max set

              Here you see the year wrapping over. It should be the other way around. There is no custom label function and the dates are all correct because if you look at the other examples you'll notice that a year only label (Above) will display properly and a month/day/year label (Below) will display properly.


              Year Wrap Case - Month Example


              Padding Case min/max manually set:

              You'll notice that you can see the red bar below. This is because I have manually set the min and max so the range is visible.


              Padding Case no min/max set:

              For one reason or another it creates boundaries for the last item added and not all the items in the chart. This occured only for the first bar it would seem. If you rendered it with a two day inward difference between the first and second op, it would make the first item disappear.



              If you need more examples, I can provide them. However, this was pretty thorough for the cases needed.