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    loading the swf at the background while the user browses thru the site

      Hi All,

      Thank you for taking time out and having a look at the issue.

      I have a site in flash which call different swf files on the click of a button. All the swf files contain images.

      I have a menu about, contact, gallery1, gallery2, gallery3. The site loads and you see the menu. The user click on gallery 1 and he needs o wait for some time till the swf file loads. Once the swf is loaded the xml inside th swf executes and again the user has to wait to view the images.

      What I want is once the loads the site all the swf should start loading at the background and the xml should start loading the images. So once the user goes to gallery 1 or gallery 2 he need not wait as the swf and the images are already loaded.

      I have done best to explain my issue. Any help in terms of logic or actual code will be really be helpful.

      Thanks much in advance!
      Thanks & Regards,