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    How can I compress the file?

    Gabriela Guarisco

      I've created a video that starts off with 20 layers and ends with 100, so the video starts moving at a decent speed in the beginning then slows down tremendously from the middle to the end. How can I make the video run at a steady speed? Also how can I make the file size smaller without ruining the quality and changing the image size?

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          RossRitchey Level 4

          Alright, there are several things to consider here.


          1. Motion Tweens are expensive, when it comes to speed.  Especially when you layer them on top of each other.  So, if you have 100 layers of motion tweens, the player will tend towards slowing down. 


          If you are using Classic Tweens in CS4, or using a prior IDE, then check for broken, or unnecesasry tweens (tweens where there is no motion happening).  Removing these will inevitably speed up the playback.  Also, if there are layers that are continued but invisible, drop a blank keyframe at the end of their visible time.  Less objects = faster playback.


          If this isn't enough, and it many times isn't, consider exporting the whole thing out as a video or image sequence, and importing that into a new project for playback.


          As for file size.  You can change the JPG compression in the publish settings for the project.  I've found that, unless using a lot of raster graphics, you can make this quite low without too much quality loss.  Otherwise, my other suggestion can help with this too (exporting it out and reimporting for playback)

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            Gabriela Guarisco Level 1

            Thanks, you've been really helpful, however I've deleted as many frames as possible, when they were no longer visible and it's still slow. Then I tried exporting the whole file as a video and importing it into a new flash file, but it only shows up as a box with a play button that doesn't play. I also tried exporting it as an image but then it then just becomes a still image, so I don't know how to export it as a image sequence. I also change the JPEG compression in the publish settings, which did help a little.


            Please let me know what I could be doing wrong. Thanks!

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              RossRitchey Level 4

              When you import the video, if you select "Embed in file and play in timeline" (Thats the gist, not word-for-word) instead of "Stream" then it will place the video on a layer, and extend the timeline out to encompass the whole thing, and play in the IDE.  If you do "Stream" which is what you describe, then it places an FLVPlayback component on the stage, and you can only watch the video on export.


              To do an image sequence, you use the same as exporting a video.  Go to File -> Export -> Export Movie and select one of the image sequence options from the file types (.gif, .png, .jpg). This will give you a frame-by-frame sequence of images.  Then, when you want to import it in, import to stage the first image, and flash will ask you if you want it to pull in the entire sequence.  If you say yes, then it will pull all the images in and drop them in independent keyframes on a layer.

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                Gabriela Guarisco Level 1

                It worked! Thanks for your time! you've been really helpful!