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    XML Thumbnail Photo gallery

      Hi, I'm almost done with this Photo Gallery project but I have one final issue with the photo gallery. I created a multidimensional array to group image paths from the XML file in sets of 9. When the array is called the images appear in the right order, but when the images are rendered in their respective movie clips dynamically they appear in reverse order. Why would this be happening? I don't want to use the array.reverse() method because it would complicate my code unnecessarily when I add forward and back buttons to navigate throught the different sets. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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          From the help docs:
          The MovieClipLoader.onLoadInit handler is invoked after the actions in the first frame of the clip have executed, so you can begin manipulating the loaded clip.

          The problem is the way the onLoadInit function fires. Since it doesn't fire until after the onLoadComplete method, you have a call stack of 9 onLoadInits waiting to fire. Since it uses a stack structure, your data is handled in a first-in-last-out format, hence, the first image in is the last image out.

          You can fix the behaviour by changing onLoadInit to onLoadStart.