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    RSLs in latest builds are bad news?

    TJ Downes Level 1

      It seems that in all stable and milestone builds for 3.4 the RSLs are not correct. From each build RSLs are missing, especially the swz files.


      For example, in the build, only the framework and rpc RSLs exist. These dont seem to even be compiled properly, the compiler seems to be generating the incorrect RSLs when I compile my projects. All other RSLs are missing from the build.


      If you look at other builds, the RSLs are not consistent from build to build.


      The RSLs are, in my opinion, a critical component of using the Flex framework. We cannot push apps to production when we cannot properly cache the framework. I would like to propose that the build team put an automated process for this in place, to be sure we can get good RSLs with each milestone release. It's not like we can compile these ourselves




      TJ Downes