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    Showing text out of a Datagrid (dataField) instandly in a Label! ....

    aktell2007 Level 1

      Hi there


      I want to show the text from a  Datagrid (dataField"first_name") in a Label or else, without selecting it first like in the code below.




      The main part of my app. is working fine! I fill in some details in my FLEX app, and send the info off through Http –

      to my Php files which in return insert the data into my DB and also
      creates a DOM Style - Xml readout which gives me in return the data
      requested to my Data grid in my FLEX app.

      So here I have Input boxes and a Data grid available.
      Input boxes I can bind my ‘Invisable labels too’, to send again extra information to another
      Php file etc. etc. and everything works just fine!

      Now what I’m looking for is this other scenario ….where I have NO Input boxes available
      in my file (there are somewhere else), BUT for readout a Data grid which is populated
      (ONLY EVER with one row! with different values e.g. first_name).  So this would be the
      value visible in the Data grid & to the user, and now I do need to have this value (Forced?)
      used by a Label or else (Not visually used!) to obtain this of the Data grid so I can use it ….

      to be send to a new Php file to CREATE a new TABLE with the value send, and into my DB -
      INSERTING every other value as well.

      I hope this makes a little sense to you. Seem to be easy ??? or maybe not as I cant find a
      thing on it at all, Thanks for any help in advance.

      regards aktell