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    Enabling Glossary for layout

      I have created a glossary but when I generate the files the glossary does not exist. All RoboHelp "help" says is to enable the Glossary but it doesn't say HOW to enable it.

      Kind of ironic that a help system is pretty unhelpful.

      Thanks for any help.
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          RoboWizard Level 4
          Hi there Not user friendly

          How you enable depends on your output type.

          For compiled .CHM files, you edit the Window properties.
          For WebHelp/FlashHelp, you edit the properties of the single source layout. There is an intermediate screen in the settings dialogs with a check mark for enabling the Glossary.

          Cheers... Rick
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            MergeThis Level 4
            In the RH X5.0.2 help, I typed enable glossary in the Search box. I selected the first topic, "Enabling the Glossary pane" and clicked the Display button.

            After the first two paragraphs of discussion In the "Enabling the Glossary pane" topic, the heading To enable the Glossary pane is followed by dropdown links that reveal the how-to instructions for each of the four layouts in which the Glossary is supported. The instructions in there are exactly what Rick provided in his reply.

            If you are unfamiliar with some of the terms in these instructions, all the writers on this forum will take the time to help you. However, please do your homework instead of ranting about nonexistent slights to your sensibilities.

            Good luck,
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              Not_user_friendly Level 1
              Thanks for the info Rick. I did eventually find it on my own.

              Leon - I have RoboHelp 7 not X5.0.2. Another RoboHelp user and I both found RoboHelp's help system to be very unhelpful.
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                MergeThis Level 4
                Oh wow, I just checked Adobe's "LiveDocs" RH7 User Guide, and I have to agree with Not very friendly.


                It really does smell!

                Good luck,
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                  found it in RH 7, yup, that really helps:

                  "Depending on the output you are generating, you can select the glossary of your choice or can go with the default glossary.

                  In case, you have not created any glossary, the Glossary option in the Layout folder is grayed out."

                  I see the dll, I have Glossary in other Help files, imported this one, I see it in Project Manager, can edit, don't see the tab when I compile HTML chm. Whta Layout folder?
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                    AcolinFlood Level 1
                    I am unfamiliar with Adobe terms in these instructions. How can I do my homework? There is no recent RH book for a reasonable price and the Help file is cryptic and terse!

                    In the Single Source Layout pane, I can select the classic MS HTML Help, but the Glossary field on the Help Options box is grayed out and inaccessible...
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                      AcolinFlood Level 1
                      Oops, here is clue! Right in the Help file too! Under Create a Glossary:

                      Note: In Microsoft HTML Help, when you distribute the final output, include a file called HHActiveX.DLL with the .CHM file. This is the ActiveX control that supports online glossaries. (This file needs to be copied and registered on all end user systems with Windows.)

                      OK, where is link telling how to distribute and register this file?
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                        Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                        Hi there

                        You might perform a full text search for the term HHActiveX.DLL. You should find the topic that tells how to distribute and register this file.

                        In a CHM file, you should end up with an additional tab alongside the TOC, Index and Search tabs. The tab label should say Glossary. When clicked (assuming everything is in place) the user sees the Glossary terms in the upper area of the Navigation panel and the Definitions in the lower area.

                        Cheers... Rick