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    Multiple languages - translation

    TimDixon Level 1



      Just wondering if anyone knows of a way to allow users to translate the text in a flash file.


      I can put all the text in an XML file and have it dynamically loaded, but I don't want to create a ton of seperate  xml files for each language (and the main text will be changed from time to time, so each language file would also need to be changed!).


      The client wants to use Google Translate (or similar), so the page has a dropdown to select the desired language. What I could do with is a way to make google translate the XML before importing into flash. Or to get flash to import a translated version on the XML.


      Does anyone have any ideas how I could do this - or if its even possible, or other suggestions?




      PS. I'm using AS2 by preference at he mo, but could be pushed into AS3 if required.