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    problem with pre-composing and 3D layers

    Garek007 Level 1



      I followed this tutorial to make some text start broken apart and then come together after a few seconds.


      I did this in the main timeline and I was using 3d space. It looked great because a few of the pieces came right up to the camera and when it animations it  looks like these pieces fly by the camera narrowly missing it.


      They are travelling in Z space.


      As soon as I pre-compose, and move all attributes everything goes relatively flat and I no longer get the cool camera 'fly by' effect. I know that this is because the layers that were 3D are moved into a new composition and are replaced by a flat, 2d composition.


      I tried turning the 3d checkbox on for my newly created composition, but that did nothing.


      Can anyone tell me how to retain my cool fly by effect, but also group these layers or pre-compose them so that my timeline doesn't get messy?