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    Audio Issue


      I am using Premier Pro 2.0 and have had no issues before with audio.  I play the dv

      tape on teh camera and watch it on tv and audio is pristine!  When I capture the video and audio there are cracks,

      pops and hums...It is nearly inaudible....any suggestions as to why I am having this issue??? STUMPED!

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

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          First thing that I would look into would be the levels of the recording from the camera. As Capture, via PrPro and FireWire are bit-for-bit transfers, my first guess would be that you have clipping at the time of recording, that is just not being heard in camera.


          I use Adobe Audition for checking my Audio, but the freeware, Audacity, will work too. Check for clipping.


          Good luck,