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    TextFlow using an embedded font or stylename in span

    jdesko Level 2

      I am trying to use an embedded font in a TextFlow span element in a TextArea in a custom component and it is not working.    Also can you use a stylename from an ext. stylesheet?  The fontFamily works if I style the TextArea itself with it, and it works as a device font in the span since it is loaded on my computer, but I need to use it as an embedded font since most users will not have it.





      Below is what I tried:





      <s:span fontFamily="threeDumbFont" fontLookup="embeddedCFF">

      Everyone says the cow jumped over the moon








      I have a external styleshteet for the application here is part of it that includes the font:


      @font-face {


      fontFamily: 'threeDumbFont';

      fontWeight: normal;

      fontStyle: normal;

      embedAsCFF: true;



      .logo {

      fontFamily: 'threeDumbFont';

      fontLookup: embeddedCFF;

      fontSize: 40;

      color: #ed1161;