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    Title window bug?

    Terrachild Level 1

      I have a recurring problem.  Sometimes when I double-click on a title in the timeline, the Title window opens up and looks like this:


      Title Window.jpg


      The tools don't display, and the main panel doesn't show the title text.  The text plays properly on the video, but now I can't edit it.

      Am I doing something wrong, or is there a bug.

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          shooternz Level 6

          The Titler in PremPro has always been a bit "flaky" and still is (in CS4.1.2). Basically the Windows / Panes are unstable.


          What PPro version are you using?  CS3 was the worst in this regard.

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            Terrachild Level 1

            I'm using the latest, 4.2

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              Harm Millaard Level 7

              First thing to check is video drivers, are they the most recent?

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                Terrachild Level 1

                Look carefully at the main panel, it looks like things are shrunken down.  There are scroll buttons in the upper left corner!

                How could this be a video driver issue?

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                  Harm Millaard Level 7

                  It does not display properly. The tools are not there, but also the video does not display correctly beneath the text you want to create. It may be an overlay function, hence my suggestion to check your video driver. I have never experienced it, so I can only guess at what might be wrong.


                  If you follow the second link in this link: Some suggestions you can supply the requested info and we can have a further look. Alternatively you can reinstall PR, because it may be corrupt now.

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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    Yes, on first blush, I'd think video overlay, but could be way off too.


                    One other thing to consider is that over the years, there have been some GUI display issues with Adobe programs and the MS InteliPoint mouse drivers. Going back, it was a lot of flicker in the Panel bars, but that was fixed. Now, it seems that Photoshop has some Tool display issues with some current InteliPoint (and also some Logitec Set-Point) drivers. If you have one, you might try replacing it with the generic mouse driver as a test. Seems that these issues come and go, and can manifest themselves differently each time. About the only constant is that they seem to crop up in Adobe GUI's.


                    Just thinking,



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                      Terrachild Level 1

                      Here's another clue...Sometimes when this happens, if I grab a panel edge, in the title window, and resize it, everything magically apears!  That leads me to believe it's a bug in the program.  There is just something odd about the miniature scroll buttons in the upper left of the main panel.  They work too!  You can press them, and you see the miniature image next to them scrolling around.


                      I'm a computer programmer (Windows) and it sure smells like a bug to me.

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                        Terrachild Level 1

                        Take a look at this blowup of the buttons:


                        scroll buttons.jpg

                        It's like everything is sized incorrectly!

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                          Stan Jones Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                          As Harm notes, the odd thing about your presentation is that there is no title appearing, yet you say you are clicking on a title in the timeline.  Where is the video under it.


                          Most of what you describe is indeed a well known bug in CS3 and apparently CS4 (I'm CS3).  If you drag the panels, it is fixed for that title, but reverts later.  There was "fix" (workaround), but I can't find it.  If this is still present in CS4, I'd post to the bug report.

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                            Powered by Design Level 4

                            i know I had problems with CS3.


                            Every time I started the titler it would start moving to the right.


                            after about 4 times going in they would get small and I would have to go back and reset my workstation to current and they would pop back.


                            To fix it for good I had to take the toolbars on the left hand side and move them down to the bottom.


                            your last image looks like some field has shrunk down to a very small size.


                            can you grab the bottom corner and re-stretch it out.  it looks like you can


                            if you can then drag it to the bottom and change your layout.


                            see if this helps.


                            just guessing.



                            Enjoy:  Glenn

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                              Harm Millaard Level 7

                              As you can see, I don't have this problem. My backgroung video is showing up, my title is showing and the tools panel is showing up. So the question is, what causes your problem, because I can't replicate it and chances are Adobe can't either and if they can't replicate it, they sure won't treat it as a bug.


                              Maybe if you can post a screenshot of process explorer and attach the DXDIAG.txt file, we can find more possible causes. Look at the second inluded link to find instructions: Some suggestions



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                                Terrachild Level 1

                                I'll check it out Harm, thanks.


                                Here I dragged the main panel to the left edge of the window, and voila....everything suddenly appears:


                                title 2.jpg


                                Well, not everything.  Notice the tools are missing.  After I dragged that pane to the left, the tools magically appear also.


                                This is definitely a bug.  But like an intermittent electrical problem in a car, just try taking it to the mechanic...err programmer... and getting it fixed.


                                When I write a computer program and come across a graphic anomaly like this, I have to re-read every line of code to see what I did wrong.  And rest assured, given enough time to find it, I always find a mistake.  Usually it's something like a variable overflow or wrong variable type, or some other simple error.  But it takes time.  Adobe needs to take the time to fix things like this.

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                                  Powered by Design Level 4

                                  so it looks like everything is there but just not in the normal layout.


                                  have you tried re-setting your workspace ?


                                  before opening it up reset the layout and see if they go back.


                                  you can also move them to different spots.


                                  just grab the top and click and drag them to different locations.


                                  see if they will work that way.

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                                    shooternz Level 6

                                    Try setting your panes similar to Harms ( which is the same as mine).


                                    You still may get the pane / window creep issue but its worth a try.

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                                      Terrachild Level 1

                                      Okay, you asked for repeatability.....here you go.  I can make it malfunction every time now.


                                      I have two monitors.  If the Title window opens up on the same monitor as Premiere, it displays correctly.  If I move the Title window to my second monitor and close it,  it will naturally open up on the second monitor when you double-click on a title in the timeline.  But almost every time it opens on the second monitor, it malfunctions.  I have the monitors set to two different resolutions, because they are different size monitors.  Main monitor is set to 1920x1200 and the secondary monitor is set to 1280x1024.  There is a bug in Premiere that gets confused by the difference and, as a result, doesn't size the content of the panes correctly.  The content comes out absurdly small.

                                      Adobe...are you listening.  Please correct this!

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                                        shooternz Level 6

                                        Easily fixed


                                        Open it in the Monitor where it works correctly or get two monitors with the same res.

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                                          Terrachild Level 1

                                          It will work on the second monitor, you just have to make sure it opens on the main monitor (the one with Premiere) and then drag it to the second monitor.  Each time you close it though, you need to drag it back to the main monitor.  Otherwise it will open next time on the secondary monitor.  Annoying, but at least there is a work-around.

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                                            Powered by Design Level 4

                                            didnt know you were using 2 monitors.


                                            at least you have a work around.


                                            maybe they will fix it.



                                            Enjoy:  Glenn

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                                              shooternz Level 6

                                              Maybe difficult considering the application will need to "workout" which rez he runs each monitor at then remember it.