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    A simple slideshow or next/previous buttons in my site

      Gents & Ladies of the forum,
      please go simple on me as Im pretty much a licenced techno numpty.

      I have created the following site thus far using the dreamweaver template (left halo )
      I am now trying to make a page for each property showing several (6-10) pics from each property where I have a top section where there is one main picture and smaller thumbs below it, with a simple next / previous buttons to go between the thumbs and to exhibit in the main picture screen (if you know what I mean) something similar to this type ( http://www.buysellcyprus.com/nqcontent.cfm?a_name=v3_listing_media&li_cd=P_11793&picnum=1& mediaTp=photo&startSavePointId=7# )

      please please keep it simple, I would like to place this in the main body of the pages, to the right of the Nav bar.

      Many thanks in anticipation of your help
      wee dougie