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    Form Help Needed.

    jeff spires

      Hi, I'm struggling to get the form to to go to a new frame once the form button has been submitted.

      Live example (The form shows at the end):

      Using ActionScript 2.0

      The submit button is at this following path:
      Scene -> txt8 (MC) -> t8.1 (MC)

      The button has the following code on:

      on (release) {     
      share_form.loadVariables("pay_per_click.php", "POST");

      The onClipEvent(data) is held on the movieClip txt8, as this is the clip that holds the all the form components.




      The next from frame that i'm asking it to go to, is directly after the txt8 MovieClip. Both the the txt8 MovieClip and NextFrame have stop(); code on them.



      The form submits all the info into the database, I just can't get it to load the next frame to say thank you.



      Anyhelp would be great.


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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You should put a trace in the onClipEvent(data) function to see if it ever executes.  I am not too familiar with loadVAriables, but the data event is supposed to involve the receipt of data, so it is possible you are not capturing that event, assuming some data event is being generated from the posting of the form data.

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