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    The simplest way to do dynamic text




      What would be the best way doing dynamic text and objects to your FC builded web site?

      I know that FC is not developer tool and I probably have to use Flash Builder.

      I've had lot of request to make web pages with parts that customers can upgrade on their own.

      Example they want to upgrade some news on the page etc.

      I probably do not have to make whole page dynamic.

      But what would be the best solution to make some easy dynamic object on my website?

      It would be nice if i can solve this without using database or content management system.

      I know this question might not be directly related to FC, but as a designer I think you guys can help me best.

      (Or at least push to right direction. )

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          Peter Flynn (Adobe) Adobe Employee

          Hi SupraJohde,


          Flex can talk to whatever type of backend you decide to use, and it supports a variety of different data formats right out of the box.  Here's a good getting started tutorial (note that since it's from Flex 3, there may be slight differences from Flex 4, difthe version that Catalyst creates).  Here's a more advanced, database-oriented tutorial (this is Flex 4 beta 1, so again there may be slight changes).


          I can't tell you whether it's best to use a CMS vs. a databcase vs. something else on the backend.  That might be a better question for a different forum :-)  If you're looking for the simplest possible solution, I'd suggest putting some XML files on the server and pulling content from those (see first tutorial linked above).  Your clients can then update just the XML content files.


          - Peter