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    Premiere CS4 Does Not Correctly Export Quicktime

    leejk Level 1



      When CS4 initially came out, all of the Quicktime exports were messed up. Now after several patches it still seems that it is not completely correct. I have rendered out of a 3d app sequential images with a white background and an alpha channel. When I import these into Premiere, when the alpha channel is disabled for the clip, it correctly shows a white background in the monitor. But when I export this clip to Quicktime Animation and turn on 32 bit depth, it creates the clip with an alpha channel, but when the alpha channel is disabled on the clip, it renders the background still as black, but with no alpha. It should render it as white. Quicktime Animation clips created this way with other Quicktime exporting software does not do this, and so I believe this is a bug. Where can this be logged?