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    Change to the default behaviour for Birds Eye view please

    Reynolds (Mark) Level 4

      At the moment the way Birds Eye View (pressing a key to zoom the image to full screen) is not very clever: An example - if your cursor is at the left of the screen it will first of all zoom out, with the "actual area" box located on the left, roughly where your cursor happened to be . And then on releasing the key, it will zoom to a completely new place in the image, based on where your cursor happened to be when you activated the shortcut. In practice this is almost random behavior, because while you are retouching in close, your cursor can be almost anywhere.


      Now I know that its possible very when you are zoomed out to relocate the box, but its a pain to have to do this each time, when its not required.


      What it should do, in my humble opinion - is by default it should keep what I'm calling the "area box" located in the currently zoomed area of the screen, so zooming in and out with the key will by default always take you back to where you were.


      For those of use doing high detail work, who like to quickly see a full screen, this change in behavior would make it possible to use Birds eye view more easily instead of zooming in and out in other ways.


      Of course a preference could be provided in case anyone at all actually likes the annoying CS4 default