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    Captivate 4 on virtual machine




      First of all: I am sorry for my English.


      I have following question:


      I am a Mac user (Mac OS X 10.6.2 with snow leopard). On the mac surface I have installed Flash CS4.


      Due to may job, I will need to work now with Captivate 4. So – since there was no other option- I installed it on a virtual machine (Parallels, Windows 7).


      In future I want to enhance existing Captivate.swf or .cp with flash-widgets and animations.


      My problem is: there is no interaction between Flash and Captivate. For example I can´t create a widget. (See screenshot).


      Of course, I can import a simple animation into Captivate, but I rather would export Captivate into Flash.


      Does anyone have an idea what I can to? Does anyone know when there will be a captivate version for Mac users?


      Or is it possible to export the captivate file as .fla?


      Thank you for your help.



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          Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional



          The problem seems to be that CP is installed in a emulated Windows-environment and Flash in a Mac-environment.


          You can export CP directly to Flash, normally, but I fear that you will have the same issue. In the File menu, you choose Export, Project to... If Flash is also dimmed there, I'm afraid not to be able to answer your question. Is there no possiblity to install Flash in the Windows-environment? Or you will have to wait for the future CP5 for Mac.



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            LillyBerlin Level 1

            Guten Abend,

            Unfortunately you are right...I was trying that way to- but of couse it is dimmed as well. I have only a mac-version of flash- so there is no chance to install it under windows.


            How frustating is that?!? I guess I will really have to buy the windows version as well.


            Thanks a lot for your help!