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    List oppenned pdf documents in reader, close one and reopen on the same page



      I am working in TeX and that program creates pdf documents for me. What I need when I creating new one and having old one oppened is to close old one, create new one from tex source code and reopen new one. I wish to get some api best .NET method to list all openned PDF documents, to close selected document and remember page it was oppened on. Then I will create a new pdf file (I know how). And then I want to open file on the page the previous file was closed on.

      If I dont close the file, I can not create new one. I can close all instances of acroread32 but I want only to close my document and be able to know page which was openned on. I tried SDK but dont know what functions I can look on. I also need free solution, not paid one (not some functions in .NET classes shipped with Acrobat instalation).

      Thanks for your reply.