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    Adobe Reader 9.2 on Windows Fundamentals for Legacy PCs O/S


      Try as I might, I cannot get Adobe Reader 9.2.0 to run w/o error on Microsoft Windows Fundamentals for Legacy PCs (basically a Win XP thin client O/S, fully updated to SP3 & IE8).


      I have tried an online install, and, after performing a complete uninstall, installation from a locally stored download.  I have tried the Add/Remove Programs > (Adobe Reader 9.2) Change > Next > Repair option.  These measures have not alleviated the problem.


      I am consistently getting a Microsoft error dialog citing an AcroRd32.exe run issue.  See screenshot, 'Adobe Reader 9.2 error dialogs (3).JPG', attached.  The file to be included with the error report, '6a19_appcompat.txt', disappears after MS error reporting is complete.  I have captured an example before error reporting has run to completion, see example file, '810e_appcompat.txt', attached.


      Microsoft Error Reporting runs and I have consistently reported the error.


      Following MS error reporting, a final error dialog pops up and describes how an error log will be created but it doesn't say the name or location of the error log.  See screenshot, 'Program Error.JPG', attached.